An Isle Of Man seed and pre seed fund led by an entrepreneur who knows how difficult succeed in the Internet is. We have the experience to start a company from scratch in 21 business days. As an early stage investors we help tomorrow’s entrepreneurs to invent new industries and disrupt existings ones.



Icarus Capital is a $5 million seed stage technology venture capital firm focused on internet , mobile and software startups. We invest if the company has the potential to become a valuable business and has the potential to distrupt existing competitors.

Unless others VC we can invest as little as $50.000 to start a company as much as $500.000 to take the company to another level. We are not banks or consulting firms and we like taking risks on smart people and concepts therefore we are able to work with young first time entrepreneurs

our mission

We think venture capital is for startups that have the potential of generating positive returns within 18 months , we build the infrastructure , you build the company , together we build the future.



We limit our approach to the pre-seed and seed stage where we think we can add the maximum value to the company.